Who are we?


We are a group of friends, of different nationalities. We have a passion for art. We are curious to see old and contemporary paintings, lithographs, drawings, photographs, sculptures etc. We love to talk to friends and relatives about what we like and do not like. We collect some artwork but above all we like to share and discuss with others what we collect.


Why ARTAcadabra?


We came up with the idea of creating a global community of art collectors as a way to better indulge our passion. The internet allows doing so across countries and continents.


What does ARTAcadabra mean?


It is a play on words to express the magical and the enigmatic effect of art on individuals? Why did forceful prehistoric men drew beautiful delicate stone paintings? Closer to our time, why do people spend endless time discussing a particular artwork? Why do certain totalitarian governments try to suppress such a benign activity? How come today people spend millions to acquire certain artwork?


In addition, Abracadabra effectively expresses the idea behind ARTAcadabra of being a global community. Abracadabra is an ancient word, used globally. Some theories claim that Abracadabra means “I create as I speak”. The word is now commonly used as an incantation by stage magicians. In ancient times, however, it was taken much more seriously as an incantation to be used as a cure for fevers and inflammations. The first known mention was in the 2nd century A.D. in a poem called De Medicina Praecepta by Serenus Sammonicus, physician to a Roman Emperor, who prescribed that the sufferer from the disease wear a talisman containing the word written in the form of an inverted cone:


 A B R A C A D A B R A

 A B R A C A D A B R

 A B R A C A D A B

 A B R A C A D A

 A B R A C A D

 A B R A C A

 A B R A C

 A B R A

 A B R

 A B



This, he explained, diminishes the hold of the spirit of the disease over the patient. Other Roman emperors were followers of the medical teachings of Serenus Sammonicus and are likely to have used the incantation as well.


What does ARTAcadabra allow me to do?


First, ARTAcadabra allows you to digitally store pictures of your collection; this way, you can have all your collection in one place, see it on the screen of any of your internet-connected devices, access it, modify it at home, from friends, relatives, while traveling for leisure or business. Think of the pleasure of having your private collection on-line with you at all time, no matter where you are.


But ARTAcadabra is more than that. It is designed to allow you to share publicly your collection with others, see what others collect, discover new artists, stay in touch with artists, be alerted when someone collects the same artist as you do and may be find something you like in someone else’s collection who collects the same artists or has similar tastes. We would like to draw your attention that we do not certify the ownership of the artworks shown by each member, rather we are interested to see what each likes.


How is ARTAcadabra different?


Most art-related web-sites are designed from the perspective of artists, galleries, museums or service providers to the art world. ARTAcadabra’s uniqueness is that was built to address the needs of art collectors. Everything was designed around the art collectors.


How does ARTAcadabra operate?


It is simple and designed to be very user-friendly. Just register as a new member and upload pictures of your art collection. You do not need to own many artworks; you do not need to own any famous artists. Just upload your collection and start sharing your collection and passion with others.


Can I keep my collection private?


Yes, you can keep it private or partly private by selecting the private option. In this case, similar to a “real” collection, you will be able to keep your collection for yourself. But ARTAcadabra was designed to be a place where people share with others their collection, so we encourage you to keep your collection public.


Are there membership fees?


No, the intention is to have no membership fees and to have the greater number of art collectors to upload their collection and share with others.


How is my confidentiality preserved?


This is an important issue as art collectors, for different reasons, do not necessarily want to be identified. We are particularly attentive on this issue if we want to attract a great number of art collectors. The site is designed so that only your username, gender and country appear but not your email address. Members, unacquainted to each other, can interact but always through their username. To even increase your level of privacy, we recommend that you choose a username unrelated to your official identity name. The site operators are the only ones to have your email address in order to give you access to the site.


What do I do next?


Just log-in as a new member (the process is quick) and upload pictures of your collection. Then you can start interacting with others. Try it and share your passion with others!


How do I upload my pictures?


There are two ways you can upload your pictures: the Flash Way or the Standard Way. We suggest that you upload your pictures using the Flash way. The Flash way allows you both at the same time to select the picture from your drive and to crop it; in other words, it saves you from using a special photo software to resize your picture before importing it from your drive. Flash also allows you to see the progress in uploading the picture. The alternative is to use the Standard way but you will not be able to crop your picture and the progress bar might not be visible on your computer.